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What VC-1 Does for You

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What VC-1 Does for You

An application of the VC-1 coating to the exterior of your RV by our skilled technicians will:

  • Eliminate Waxing for up to Five Years
  • Preserve Color and Shine
  • Prolong the Life of Your Finishes
  • Eliminate Black-Streak Staining
  • Create a Surface that Requires Less Maintenance

How VC-1 Works

VC-1 Exterior protective coating was developed to not only protect but reduce your maintenance on the many different finishes used in the RV industry. Our RV specified coating is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or flake off. VC-1 is an important top coating that won’t need waxing, is easy to clean, long lasting and is a must for today’s thin RV finishes.

Why VC-1?

  • No Waxing
  • No Premature Fading
  • No Black Streak Staining
  • No Bug Stains
  • Less washing
  • 5 Year Repair, Replace Warranty

VC-1 FAQ’s

Q: How often do I need to wax my RV?Your RV contains no protective coatings or wax from the factory. So you will need to wax it after the first 90 days from your build date. Manufacturers recommend waxing every 3 months thereafter. Once coated with Duratains semipermanent barrier there is no need to wax for up to 5 years!

Q: Is Duratain VC-1 a clear coating?No, VC-1 is a semi permanent protective plaseicized coating similar to ones used in commercial applications. Clear coating is “clear paint” and needs protection.

Q: Will VC-1 stop black streak staining and fading?Yes, black streaks are caused by dirt and pollutants usually coming from the roof – there is no stopping that. However duratian VC-1 protective coating will stop those black streak from staining the finish while helping to resist against premature fading.

Q: How do I wash my RV after it has been coated?Just a gentile dish soap and water if your RV is not too dirty. If it needs a good bath then we recommend Beast Wash available online at or ask your local Dealer if they carry Wade Maid products. Do not use any “wash and wax” or auto soap on your Duratain finish.