VC-3 Awning, Leather
and Vinyl Coating

VC-3 Features

Awning, Leather and Vinyl Coating

what VC-3 does for you

how it works

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What VC-3 Does for you

An application of the VC-3 protective coating on your awning, leather, and vinyl by our skilled technicians will:

  • Prevent Leather from Staining
  • Protects Against Fading
  • Prevents Leather from Premature Cracking
  • Protects Against Mildew
  • Protects Awning from Black Mold Staining

How VC-3 Works

We have developed a transparent, cross-link polymer bond that creates a protective barrier against oil, mold and mildew in these types of materials. VC-3 helps protect from permanent staining and creates a cleanable surface. Guaranteed for 5 years.

Why VC-3?

  • Creates a Cleanable Surface
  • Lengthens Life of Material
  • Preserves Color
  • Resists Cracking and Fading on Leather
  • Guaranteed 5 Years
  • Re-Treatable for Life of the Contract
  • Prevents Mold Staining

VC-3 FAQ’s

Q: Will VC-3 help with mold on my awning?Yes. Duratain® VC-3 contains mold inhibitors that protects against mold and mildew eliminating permanent staining and creating a easily cleanable surface.

Q: My trailer is equipped with vinyl or leather chairs, will you treat them as well?Yes. Duratain® will treat all vinyl and leather fabrics used in the building of your RV.

Q: Will VC-3 help stop leather from cracking.Yes, but remember leather cracking is normal and in many cases is part of the look. VC-3 will hold in the leather’s natural oils and prevent it from prematurely cracking, fading and drying out.

Q: What is the number one benefit of treating my tent trailer?Treating your tent trailer with Duratain® offers many benefits, however creating a cleanable stain resistant surface is number one in my book.