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Shielded Undercoating

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What VC-4 Does for you

An application of the VC-4 protective coating to the undercarriage of your RV by our skilled technicians will:

  • Prevent Rust and Structural Corrosion
  • Seal Joints and Seams
  • Inhibit Road Noise
  • Provide Extra Insulation
  • Protect Exposed Tanks and Lines

How VC-4 Works

Our Duratain shielded undercoating is engineered to stop rusting and stray currents that cause structural corrosion in dissimilar metals. This RV-specific coating exceeds military specifications for this product class. VC-4 withstands the harshest environmental conditions and is safe and effective for use on plastic and non-heat conducting surfaces such as holding tanks. VC-4 is also guaranteed not to crack or chip.

Why VC-4?

  • Protects Plastic Parts from Temperature and Road Damage
  • Seals Joints and Seams, Keeping Bugs and Dust Out
  • Stops Structural Corrosion by Creating a Dry Shielded Coating, Stopping Stray Electrical Current
  • Permanently Protects Grounding Straps
  • Insulates Exposed Water Lines and Joints
  • Meets or Exceeds Military Specifications (Federal Specs. TT-C-520B)
  • Guaranteed 10 years
  • Re-treatable for the Life of the Contract

VC-4 FAQ’s

Q: I am buying a trailer, do I need this?Yes, manufacturers need to build light weight towables to match up with newer fuel efficient environmentally friendly cars and trucks. In order to do this the use of dissimilar light weight metals is necessary. These metals need to be protected to prevent premature failure.

Q: Why is this not done at the factory?You are buying a Recreational Vehicle not a commercial vehicle. In order to keep manufacturing costs low Duratain® is offered as a option and not standard equipment.

Q: Is every thing under my RV coated?No, every RV is different, our factory trained installer will know just what to coat and not to coat for your RVs best protection.

Q: What If I have a hitch installed or an area repaired after the VC-4 is installed?Just call Duratain® and set up an appointment for a inspection and re-spray. As long as you are within your 10 year warranty period their is no charge for this service.